Advertise on Old Timers' Radio

Choose the advertisement options that suit you from the options given below

and gain exposure for your business from our listeners across the globe.


Option 1. Banner ad. $5 per banner per month.

- *The banner will contain two lines of text and your logo.

- In addition to that, the banner will be hyperlinked to your website.

- Banner size 1100 X 220.

- The banner will be placed at the footer of our website in a slideshow having other banner ads.


Option 2. Promotional Page. $15 per page per month.

- *A write-up of not more than 300 words advertising your product or service.

- *A flyer to accompany the write-up.

- One promotional link to website.

- The page will be placed on the website just beneath the chatroom.


Option 3. Audio ad. $30 per audio ad per month.

- *Mp3 format audio ad of not more than 60 seconds.

- One promotional link to website.

- The ad will be played 5 times everyday for one month.

- The ad will be placed in the daily music playlist at 5 intervals.


Option 4. Mass ad campaign! Options 1, 2 and 3bundle. $40 per month.

- Perfect for product launch and important events.

- Discounted bundle price. Save $10


NB: Items marked with * are provided by the client. If the client prefers we do the designs, the prices will be negotiated.


Send us an email to indicate the package you want.


We put in our best to make your ads worth the investment!




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